Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Rest time

Yesterday was a time of rest, for the most part. We both slept in pretty late, had a late breakfast on the back deck while M&J went to an eye appointment for Maggie, but then it started raining, so we moved indoors. Then we just sort of hung out; had a bit of lunch; Ellen went to Goodwill looking for books; I managed to access the JSTOR periodical archive by using my connection with Brown U as as alum, which I hadn't been able to do before; we had an early supper date with Carol Plagge at Alexander's; then came home and watched Serena and Venus Williams play each other at the U.S. Open - that was some tennis! The we watched Chopped and came to bed.

Today will be a family day - Suzy is coming for lunch and tonight is "family night," for pizza, only we're not sure who can come. Daniel we think is still in Europe on a vacation, Peter has to work, Suzy has to work, which is why she's coming for lunch. So it may be just Becky and Mark. Which is fine. The weather has cooled down a bit, so I hope we can get in a nice walk today.

Tomorrow morning, we will head on out for points east; we'll be in Swarthmore for the weekend. I'll have a chance to do some things on the Tolles MS project at the Friends Library there, which is where the original MS is. I need to check some things I can't decipher on the copy I have, and look up a few more citations I couldn't find at the Univ. of Colorado Library. And then -- home!

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