Saturday, September 19, 2015

Family time

These past two days have been family time. Yesterday, Friday, we had lunch with Katie and Savanna at their place, a very nice lunch on their screened porch, and it was lovely to see them again after three months away. There was a lot to catch up on. Brendon came home after school and we got to see him a bit. Then they all went off to an appointment and we headed home, but we called the Feinland's to see if they were home, and we stopped at the Sugarloaf Frostie in Sunderland for a bite to eat. Julie called while we were eating saying "come over," so we did, and we were there for their Shabbat ritual, which included lighting candles and sending the light out to Betsey, Rob and Katie. We also each said what we were grateful for and something about ourselves we liked. We were glad to hear Ben say he was grateful for his high school teachers! 

Tonight we will round out the family time by having John and Cynthia over. 

Oh yes, I promised a photo of our new shed. Here 'tis:

                              Our new shed. Cute!

Inside the shed. I hope eventually to build some shelves. 

                   We also have a new lawn! Things are looking nice!

The work done included making the driveway and parking area in front of the house look neater. 

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