Sunday, September 27, 2015

Promised pictures of house

Today is yet another gorgeous day! Sunny and cool. The organizers of the Common Ground Fair must be ecstatic. Three days in a row of perfect fair weather. That's where Ellen and Mare are. I stayed in Owl's Head, met Phil and Deborah at church in Tomaston, then came back to the house. Jim and I had lunch together and now he is outside working on shingles and I'm inside blogging. I just took some photos of the new house, which we are enjoying very much. You'll get a good sense of how much light comes into the house from these photos.

This is how the house and garage look as you approach on the road as it curves around their lot. 
Then you turn up their driveway. If you look carefully at the ridge of the house, you'll see something that projects above the ridge. Those are newly installed solar panels on the south side. They project a bit above the ridge, and that is not the way Jim and Mary wanted them to be placed. The builder had assured them that they would not be visible from the north side, but they are. So they are trying to decide how to handle that. 

Pulling in front of the house. Cedar shingles have yet to be installed, and there is a lot of landscaping yet to be done.
The south side of the house. The livingroom is on the right, where the three large windows are. Left of that is the kitchen. Then the entryway and the three windows on the far left are all in the studio.
The south side seen from the road.
The living room as you enter from the front hall.
The living room from the dining table. Jim is on the couch. The kitchen is behind him.
The kitchen from the hallway
The studio - the piano is visible at far right; temporary bed in the far right corner. This will eventually be both where Jim paints and where he meet students for music lessons.
The bedroom - normally where Jim and Mary sleep but they have graciously given it to Ellen and myself for our visit.
There is another small room - Mary's office - which is off the entryway. There is a full bath and a half bath/laundry room. There is a full basement. And that's it. It is a compact house, and it is very energy efficient. We like it a lot.

Oh, one more photo:

This is the view standing on the road in front of their house, looking east at the ocean. You can get a little glimpse of the water from the house, and it will be a bit more visible once the leaves fall. They have right of access to the water down this road. I'll post some photos of the little beach later.

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