Friday, September 4, 2015

Dummerston Calendar?

I got a call from Jody Normandeau in Dummerston yesterday. She is putting together a town calendar for 2016. Several months ago she had put out a call for photographs to use in the calendar - scenes in Dummerston - and I sent several to her. They were kodachrome slides I had taken back in the 1950's. Amazingly, they still look pretty good. She called to say that she wanted to use two of my photos, but needed them in a larger format than I had sent originally. So I sent them. I'm not 100% sure they are going to make it into the calendar, but there is a good chance they will, and she said that the one of the covered bridge might even be the cover photo. Cool!

Here are the two she asked for:

The West Dummerston Covered Bridge, c. 1958

Dummerston Church Youth Group clearing Flaherty Pond for ice skating, c. 1958

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