Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Our first engagements

Today we returned to our lives here in Vermont, in a way, by going to meetings and events: Ellen to her prayer shawl knitting group, me to a meeting of the Pastoral Relations committee at the Guilford church, both of us to the first rehearsal of the Brattleboro Concert Choir. I'm not sure I was quite ready physically or emotionally for this re-entry but I managed to survive. My voice is about 50% of what it should be, but I haven't sung much for 3 months or more, so I'm hoping that use will improve it. The Guilford church seems to be thriving, which I was glad to hear. And the knitters are just knitting away. 

Yesterday I reorganized the new shed that was installed in our absence. It's night time right now, so I can't take photos but I 'll post some tomorrow. 
We've just been enjoying being home these past three days, getting back into the routine of tea and toast in bed in the morning, then reading in bed for a while, or listening to "The Exchange" and the "Diane Rehm Show" on New Hampshire Public Radio. Then getting up and puttering around. The weather has been lovely for the most part. Tomorrow we have a Hallowell rehearsal in the evening. Gradually we'll become accustomed to a new rhythm. 

I think Betsey may have an oncologist appointment and an MRI tomorrow. 

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