Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Big day for Rob

Here we are at Whole Foods - not the BIG Whole Foods, but a smaller one near where Betsey's Qi Gong healer lives. We just dropped Betsey off there and will pick her up in an hour + from now, so we're hanging out here. I 'm in the little cafe at the moment .

           Whole Foods cafe

                                 Whole Foods check out 

The BIG Whole Foods in Boulder makes this one look like the corner grocery!

After we pick Betsey up we're going to the College of Music for a convocation where Rob will give a talk on "The State of the College," in which he will assess where the College stands today in the world of music programs in higher education and lay out his vision for the future. So this is a big day for him! 

Yesterday evening, Betsey and Rob gave Ellen and me lovely thank-you gifts in appreciation for our help over these past weeks. That was a very nice! 

Yesterday Betsey had a 9am meeting at work, we hung out at Alfalfa's and picked her up at noon, we came home and had a bite to eat and she rested downstairs. Ellen fixed supper and we had a "together time" with John and Cynthia by Skype while we all watched the Big Blue Live whale program on PBS. That was all a huge technology challenge which was moderately successful, but it worked for quite a while and it was really fun to see J&C! And we saw some whales too. 

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