Saturday, July 18, 2015

Things in Boise

Boise has a lot going for it. It undoubtedly has all the usual problems of a city, but our experience of it is usually very pleasant. First of all, Suzine and Christian's neighborhood has a small town feel, and it is within easy walking distance of downtown Boise. It is a neighborhood of modest bungalows, and  it is quite nice to walk the dogs in it, which we do often, with S&C. There is also a lot going on in Boise, especially in the summertime. We could have been doing some fun thing constantly. We opted for some quiet time and some fun things.

Friday we met Margie, a member of Suzine's hospice singing group, for lunch at the Bombay Grill, an Indian restaurant in one of Boise's grand older buildings. After lunch we went to Pete Abernathy's home for a session of music-making. Pete loves to host these sessions, especially now that he is 80 and experiencing some limitations. He plays the viol de gamba, and Ellen, Suzine and Margie were all playing recorders in various registers. The Handel Rodrigo Suite (HWV 5) was particularly nice. We also did some madrigals, so I could sing. After that we came back to our loft to rest before going to supper and a country music concert at a very nice outdoor restaurant and brew pub. The group playing was the Random Canyon Growlers and they were good. Several couples joined us from the hospice singing group, ten of us in all. The beer, the food and the music were all good. 

                Walking the dogs - Fritz and Ella

                                         The Sockeye Brew Pub

                               The Random Canyon Growlers

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