Saturday, July 4, 2015

A quiet 4th

I said I wouldn't mind a quiet 4th and that's what I got. I wrote a response to an essay John had sent about a proposed degree program he is considering, and sent it off at the library. Jenny's cousin, Alyce, and her family (Eric, and children, Grant, Olivia and Sarah), arrived for lunch. They are on a vacation trip from Louisiana that will take them to Grand Teton and Yellowstone parks, among other places. Grant wants to do some fly fishing, so Paul gave some pointers. They were fun to have here and greatly admired the house and its setting.

Jenny's cousin and her family on the front porch.

    Paul giving Max a fly-fishing lesson

            Max gets the knack! 

They left after 3:30 or so, I offered to clean up from lunch, and we settled into reading. At the moment, we are enjoying the back deck. It is pleasantly warm. Ellen is reading a novel by Richard Ford, titled, appropriately enough, Independence Day. 

There are no plans I know of to go to see fireworks. Jackson has a spectacular display which attracts thousands, but it's an hour away. Too far. And very crowded once you are there. Happy Fourth! 

                  Relax time ! 

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