Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Evening strolls

Ellen and I have gotten into the habit of a daily stroll after supper, usually as the sun is setting. The sunsets were particularly nice last night and tonight. Yesterday evening I experimented a bit taking photos of wild flowers in the dusky light with the flash on, thus highlighting the flower against a darker background. I liked the results. It even enhanced grasses and sage. This evening we took a longer-than-usual stroll that gave us a little variety in scenery. Very, very nice.

The following flower photos were all taken with flash:

                                Fireworks flowers

                                   Salsify seed globe

                                           Cluster of asters



And lovely sunsets: 

                         Last evening, overlooking Paul's house

                         Special lingering color in the southern sky

                 This evening with the Palisades Reservoir in the distance.

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