Thursday, July 2, 2015

Max, Hannah and Olivia

Today, Max spent the day at Hannah's house, with his friend, Olivia, and Hannah's brother, who is a bit younger than  Max and also a Lego fan. Hannah has been hired to be with Max and Olivia - the two families share the cost. Tuesday, she was here, today everyone was at her house, tomorrow they will be at Olivia's house. Hannah is a very competent, mature, fifteen-year-old. She lives in Etna, and her dad is an orthopedic surgeon in Afton (both down the valley), and she herself has declared her intention to be an oncologist! She is very good with her charges.

             Hannah's home in Etna

   Hannah made cupcakes with the kids

We picked up Max and Olivia at Hannah's house at 4p.m., got ice cream cones at our favorite place in Etna (the Etna Trading Center, or ETC) and than came home where Olivia's mom would pick her up at about 5p.m.

We got out one of Max's birthday presents (he turned 7 on June 12th) - a plastic water slide you set up on the lawn. I helped them set it up and they had a good time on it on this hot, sunny day. 


We had another lovely meal on the deck (tacos and rice/black bean salad), and Ellen and I got in a little walk in the cool of the evening.

 View from above Paul's house at sunset

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