Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Blue Goat

Yesterday evening we went with Bonnie, Roger, and J.E. to Amity, OR to the Blue Goat Cafe. A great choice. The drive through the countryside, which took us past vineyards, wheat fields, orchards and most interestingly, fields of hops, was beautiful in the evening sun. The cafe had a very attractive ambiance, we had a table by the front window, so we could enjoy both the evening light and the interior decor, and the food was perfect in taste and presentation. The grilled salmon sandwich was a popular choice - three opted for it. I had a Reuben sandwich. Roger had fish tacos. The onion rings and grilled cherries and apricots were fab appetizers. And the chocolate hazelnut torte was to die for. And then we climaxed a lovely evening by taking the very short ferry ride back over the Willamette River in the dusky evening light. What a day!  Thanks to Bonnie, we have some photos.

The Blue Goat icon. We were told that the owners are jazz aficionados and that the name of the cafe is in part a pun on the Blue Note, a well-known jazz club in NYC.

At table at the Blue Goat

A pan showing the ambiance

The popular grilled salmon sandwich

The amazing chocolate hazelnut torte

On the ferry

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