Tuesday, July 18, 2017

We're in Erie, PA tonight

We only drove a bit over 425 miles today, and it seemed like nothing. Well, maybe not nothing,  but pretty easy compared to recent days. We arrive at our motel at about 9:00, and it was still light, and it seemed so early. Once again, I read much of the trip, and we also listened to the final American Mind lectures. We took Route 6 across Indiana, and part of Ohio, and then US 20 to Cleveland, and then I-90 to Erie. A familiar route every bit of the way.

Dan sent a couple of photos from yesterday evening when we went to O'Hare's Pub in Bartlett.

L. to r.: Dan, Becky, Ellen, Larry, Jerry and Maggie,  outside O'Hare's

Examining a sculpture near O Hare's

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