Friday, July 28, 2017

Even more Marlboro

This was a Marlboro music week! We went to a rehearsal Wednesday a.m., and then went down to Northampton to see Tamar and Mimi, and we went out for lunch together. We heard a lot about a camp for hearing impaired kids they had gone to earlier (since coming back from the trip west). Very interesting! Then we came back to Marlboro for the Wednesday evening concert, held in the dining hall. It was super outstanding. It opened with Bach's Cantata 82, Ich Habe Genug, which would have made the evening by itself. But there was also a Brahms Trio for piano, cello and clarinet; Only the Words Themselves Mean What They Say, a very unusual duet for flute and soprano by Kate Soper (b., 1981) - you can find it on YouTube -  and a marvelous Mendelssohn String Quintet, Op. 87,  featuring prodigy Sirena Huang. Quite an evening!

Thursday we did things at home in the a.m., went to Marlboro in the afternoon for a rehearsal of the Siegfried Idyll and Dvorak Piano Quartet, then to Putney to Next Stage, for a film by Vermont filmmaker Jay Craven, Where the Rivers Flow North, a wonderful film, and Craven was there to talk about it. Very interesting!

 The performers of Ich Habe Genug at Marlboro, featuring Samuel Hasselhorn, baritone (the tall one).

The Mendelssohn musicians, l. to r., Sirena Huang, Sujin Lee, Maiya Papach, Nick Eanet and Cong Wu. 

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