Monday, July 10, 2017

A varied day in Salem

We arrived in Salem at J. E.'s Saturday evening after a really lovely drive through eastern Otegon. It was a hot day, and we were glad to have AC in the car, but the scenery was great. We stopped in Sisters to say hello to Bonnie Hull who was attending a huge quilt festival there - 800 quilters! -  and got a snack at the Sno-Cap cafe. We won't get to spend time with Bonnie and Roger this time -  Bonnie is in Sisters and Roger is working on a monograph at the shore. So we have J. E. all to ourselves. She planned a varied day on Sunday, starting with breakfast on the deck  (muesli with three kinds of berries!), then a little hike over a brand new pedestrian bridge which spans the Willamette River and now links downtown Salem with the vast Minto/Brown wilderness area. It has become hugely popular overnight. The bridge is near the ever- popular carousel by the River and Ellen and J. E. rode the ponies. Then we had lunch at a Salvadoran restaurant, went to the Hallie Ford art museum where the featured show was psychodelic art from the  60's. Then we stopped at a fascinating little stamp store, and bought some vintage stamps, came back to J.E.'s, napped, worked on the Spelling Bee puzzle, had hors d'oeurves on the deck and a lovely shrimp salad, listened to a bit of Stephen Foster and went to bed.

                                 The carousel in Salem

                                Riding the ponies!

        The new pedestrian bridge - dubbed the "taco bridge" because of its shape. 

                               Also open to bicyclists 

       A black light psychedelic poster at the Hallie Ford Museum

A box of vintage stamps at Bob Burghers' stamp store, which he sells at face value. You could spend a day just going through this box !

                                    Bob making a sale

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