Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A quiet 4th of July here

Today has been a very quiet day. I got up really late, worked a bit in bed on a service I will be leading July 23rd, got up and had Bfst almost at noon, then read much of the afternoon: Doris Kearns Goodwin's No Ordinary Time, the history of WW II, focusing on FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt. A totally gripping book for me, esp. since I have recently been immersed in my father 's WW II memoirs, journals and letters. It has brought me to tears several times.

Tonight, Ellen made potato salad, slaw and peach/blueberry crisp and Paul grilled burgers. A trad fourth meal. We'll go to the modest Alpine fireworks later.

Yesterday, we went to Jackson, I to the Library, E&Max to the pool. On the way home, we stopped at Jenny's workplace, the Sporting Club, for a very simple little rodeo. It made me wish I had learned to ride a horse as a kid. I think I would have liked it. 

                       Max in the pool (photo by Ellen)

                 Two cowgirls explaining the rodeo 

                          Roping a calf

                     A kid's race  (Max wasn't interested)

                        Jenny was the official Club photographer 

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