Sunday, July 23, 2017

A special weekend

Yesterday was the year anniversary of Betsey's death. And to our joy, Katie took the trouble to rent a car and drive up to be with us just for the day. She rented through the JFK airport, and left there at about 7:30a.m., arrived at our house about 12:30p.m., we had the afternoon together with John and Cynthia too, had a wonderful meal prepared by Ellen and then we spent some time at the cemetery with Betsey, came back, had ice cream and fresh blueberry sauce (Ellen picked them over in New York at Oxbow Lake), and Katie left about 7:00pm, and was back in her room at the dorm in NYC before midnight. (There is like door-to-door train service between JFK and her dorm). It was the perfect way to remember Betsey. Then today, I led the service in Windham - somehow I was able to get well-prepared!  That went very well. John and Cynthia came to the service and we had a lovely lunch together afterward at the Dam Diner in Townsend (which is between Windham and home - good food and extremely good price. So just a great weekend! We've been relaxing tonight!

Sitting down to a great lunch by Ellen. Cynthia prepared the flowers

Me and Katie

On the stone wall by Betsey's grave at the cemetery

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