Saturday, July 1, 2017

Catching up

I have a lot of catching up to do and not much chance to do it. We got back to Alpine yesterday evening, about 8:30p.m., after a nice drive through Yellowstone and Teton NP's. After leaving Roosevelt Lodge, we went to Yellowstone Falls outlook, stopped and had a bite at Lake Lodge on Yellowstone Lake, and then in Teton, made a short hike to Christian Lake to see the waterfowl. There were two swans and some coots - not a lot else. We had ice cream at Moo's in Jackson, and then drove to Alpine. That was the day. The whole week was fun, but tiring. I slept late this morning, am now at the Alpine Library which closes soon. We are still uncertain about our exact itinerary from here on, but I think we'll be in Salem this coming weekend. I'm starting to think about the service I will lead at Windham Congregational Church on July 23rd - that is our "drop dead" date for return.

I realize that I have not posted about our visit to the capital building in Helena, nor our time in Yellowstone.

Here are a few more photos. Hopefully, I'll  have a chance to fill in later.

              Montana State Capital

                Interior scene at top of stairway

                 Wildflowers in Yellowstone

                 Lower Falls at Yellowstone

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