Sunday, July 16, 2017

In Bartlett

We've made it safely to Bartlett. Today was a very pleasant drive across Iowa on Route 34 mostly - in the southern part of Iowa from near Council Bluffs in the west to the Quad Cities on the Mississippi, then up I-88 to Bartlett. A very nice drive through the lush, rolling Iowa countryside on a largely empty road much of the time, going through little Iowa towns and past very fertile fields of corn, soybeans, etc. Iowa really is an attractive state. Being in it always brings back a flood of memories for me - of places, people and events, since I lived there during my high school years, 1946-1950.

We actually crossed the Mississippi at Muscatine, IA, and the bridge was being painted and was shrouded in canvass:

            The bridge at Muscatine 

                 Inside the bridge 

               The mighty Mississippi 

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