Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Another Salem day

Today we stayed in Salem. It was an interesting day, but a bit more leisurely. We had breakfast on the deck and then went to the Humane Society thrift shop, where they have a box of old post cards for sale  -  a big draw for Ellen. I noticed a parlor organ in one corner, and closer inspection revealed it to be an Estey, made in Brattleboro! I played it (to the delight and applause of the staff!), but it proved to have damaged bellows, and wasn't much fun to play. It had a nice case. It had been marked down from $650 to $350.

Then we went out into Minto island to the  MIG food cart  (Minto Island Growers), a favorite spot. Good food in a lovely outdoor setting. After that, J.E. had an appointment for an opthalmological procedure. So we went to the Kaiser Permanente building and waited.  Ellen drove home afterward because J.E.'s eyes were dilated. I rested while Ellen went to another old post card place (which claimed to have 15 000 old cards!). Then we had a lovely salmon salad supper on the deck followed by a good walk on the nearby Oregon State Hospital grounds -  reminiscent for me of summers I spent working in state mental hospitals in 1952 and 1955, where they had similar, classic Kirkbride buildings. Another perfect day weather-wise and an interesting one to boot. 

Tomorrow we head back to Boise.  

                    The Estey parlor organ

Estey label

                                  The MIG Food Cart

Pretty nice place to enjoy a good salad made with super fresh ingredients.

                                             Where we were

                               Our salmon salad supper back home

                                  On the deck at the end of a lovely day

The Kirkbride building at Danville State Hospital, PA, where I worked and studied, summer of 1955. Oregon State Hospital has a very similar design but is painted red

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