Thursday, December 3, 2015

Rainy days

We've had a lot of rain these past couple of days. Tuesday it was borderline freezing rain and there was a lot of black ice in the area, with resulting accidents, but fortunately not where we were, although at our River singers rehearsal, someone slipped on ice and fell outside the church. Not hurt.

A member of the Guilford Church choir, John Amidon (no relation to Peter and Mary Alice Amidon) died Monday. He had learned he had pancreatic cancer only eleven days earlier. Sobering. We were part of a little group who went to his home on Tuesday and sang hymns and carols with his wife and two sons. That was very special. 

Monday evening was Dummerston choir rehearsal, which went well, Tuesday evening was River Singers rehearsal, and last evening was Concert Choir rehearsal. I guess you could say we've been singing  in the rain! 

                           The basses during a concert choir break

Yesterday, Ellen went to Northhampton to see Tamar at a choral rehearsal at her school. We'll see the performance next Saturday. I stayed home and did some outside work, despite the rain. 

Meanwhile, the Shays are having a fabulous trip out west. These past few days they've been at some beautiful wineries and resorts in California. I think they are in Las Vegas now. Betsey seems to be taking it all in stride. If there are difficult times, we're not hearing about them. 

Today and tomorrow will be cookie-making time for Ellen - she 'll be baking about 50 dozen cookies for the Guilford  Christmas Bazaar! That's down from the 100 dozen she used to make! 

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