Sunday, December 6, 2015

Ecumenical day

This morning was the second Sunday in Advent - John the Baptist was the theme. John came preaching in the desert before Jesus began his preaching,  and he had a stern message: repent! The kingdom of God is at hand! When asked what they should do, he told tax collectors to be honest and just, not take bribes and try to pad their income. Similarly, he told soldiers not to try to extort money from people and be content with their wages. Basic economic justice, which is called, surprisingly, "good news!" Still relevant today!

The choir sang really well and we got a lot of appreciation. 

                                   My lovely choir! 

Ellen was in Guilford this morning playing in a recorder trio. That went well. She joined us at a sing for Bill Maravelle at his house - Bill is 91 and loves music. His son, Dan ,  and nephew, Matthew, were there too. We sang a lot of Advent hymns and had a lovely time. Then E and I dashed to Northhampton for Tamar's piano recital. Part of her performance was a duet  with her sister, Miriam on Home on the Range. Congratulations Tamar and Mimi!

                          Tamar at the piano

                                 And Mimi

Then, we came to Feinlands for the first evening of Hanukkah. Ellen cooked latkes, which were delicious with yogurt and apple sauce. We lit the first candle on the menorah and chanted Hebrew blessings. An ecumenical day!

                       The menorah and Mimi making a bracelet. 

We also played a new game, Ticket to Ride. 

A fun new game, in which you build trains. Sort of like Monopoly, but trains instead of buildings. We didn't get to finish. 

Miriam made a lot of progress on her bracelet, though. It's a Klutz kit.

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