Sunday, November 29, 2015


Ellen and I had two Thanksgivings this year. We went to Katie and Savanna's on turkey day. Had the full traditional meal with all the fixins! Lovely meal and good singing of Thanksgiving hymns afterward. That day included K, S, and Brendon, Jim and Mary, Tye and B, and Ellen and myself. 

                              Thanksgiving dinner at K&S's

Jim and  Mary came home with us and on Friday we went to the Putney Craft Tour. Lots of interesting artist studios. J&M bought a door knocker and a decorative tile for their new house. We bought some cheese. 

                       Cheeses at Parish Hill Creamery

                                   Felted toys - really cute! 

Friday eve we played two games of Scrabble with J&M. I think Ellen won one and Mary the other. 

Saturday we worked on some projects in the a.m., and then went to John & Cynthia's for a second  thanksgiving. This one was vegetarian. John prepared a yummy casserole with sides of Brussel sprouts and kale. Very nice! We toured John's Hermitage he's built from salvaged materials. Very sweet little cabin which will be very sweet when it is finished. We talked until 9pm or so. A nice day! 

John coming out of the new Hermitage

                                                                  Side view

                                         Yummy casserole

                                           Ready to eat 

                                             John and Cynthia

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