Friday, December 4, 2015

The end of the long cookie road

Today was the final cookie day - the day Ellen finished baking about 700 cookies- c. 100 of seven kinds- and we delivered them to the church and assembled 36 platters of three sizes - small, medium and large - and then wrapped them all in clear wrap, put a ribbon around them with a sprig of green and arranged them on a table. The delivery and assembly part took about four hours, after Ellen had baked for two days - she was up till after  3 a.m. this morning. A lot of work! We estimate they will bring in over $400 for the church.

                  Loading cookies into the Impreza

         Assembling the medium and large-sized platters. 

               A completed medium platter. 

The small platters - these are very popular and are a really good buy. $6 gets you a lot of really good cookies. 

            The church hall where the Bazaar will be held tomorrow. 

                          The completed platters - quite a sight! 

                            Christmas wreaths - another popular item

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