Monday, May 15, 2017


I'm feeling sort of pleased with myself at the moment because we have been having problems with the cell phone for months, and they got so bad in recent days that it was almost unusable. But today I fixed them - and I did it without calling anyone! 

For months we have been getting a message on the screen saying our storage was maxed out. And sure enough - I 'd go to "usage" in "Settings" and learn that we had 0 bytes available out of 6+ gigabytes! The problem was that I couldn't figure out what was taking up all that storage space. No photos, no songs, etc. I wiped out a year's worth of old emails - didn't make a dent. The list of apps added up to scarcely a gigabyte. I couldn't use the camera - no space. It was a mystery. But then it got worse. Mail started crashing. Safari started crashing. Blogger would crash. Even Notes! The phone was becoming almost totally neurotic. 

So today I took extreme measures. I made a paper copy of all my phone contacts and voicemail numbers, just to make sure I wouldn't lose all that data, and I went into Settings and clicked on "Reset iPhone." That wiped out everything. Then I hooked the phone up to the computer and restored it from my last backup which was last December. That did the trick. I now have almost 5 GB of storage space. I lost recent text messages, etc., but everything works! Yay! 

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