Friday, May 26, 2017

Spelling Bee answers

Here are the words we came up with. If you found some others that are in the dictionary, feel free to count them in your score.

CYMAUN+ L  calumny (3 points); allay, annul, alumna, annual, annually, calla, calmly, canal, cannula, clammy, cully, lacuna, lauan, llama, lunacy, laylum, macula, mammal, manly, manual, manually, unlay, unmanly

For Memorial Day weekend: I have a choir rehearsal at 10a.m. Saturday morning, for a special choir for the Installation service of our new pastor in Dummerston, Shawn Bracebridge. Jim and Mary arrive Sat. afternoon from Maine. Katie and Savanna and Brendon will come up on Sunday. We'll all go to the Marlboro Ale in Newfane on Sunday afternoon - that is an annual gathering of a score or more of Morris Dance teams from around the U.S., and Canada. Wonderful event that we are so lucky to have in our area. Then everyone is staying over  Sunday night. That will strain our sleeping facilities but should be fun.

Earlier today, I went for a checkup and cleaning at the dentist and had a cavity under an existing filling, so they took care of it on the spot. 

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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