Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

This was a full weekend! Let's see, at 10a.m., Sat., there was a Dummerston Choir rehearsal for the Installation service of our new pastor, Shawn Bracebridge. Mary W-G led the rehearsal, because Ellen and I will be at Ben Feinland's high school graduation that afternoon (June 11th), but I helped organize this rehearsal, which included about four people from other churches, and attended it to provide support. Ellen stayed home and cooked. 

Then I came home and did some vacuuming and cleaning for company: Jim and Mary arrived from Maine in the mid-afternoon. We talked and caught up with each other's lives and of course had a nice supper, including three variants on rhubarb pie! (Rhubarb custard, rhubarb raspberry apple and rhubarb strawberry). After supper we played Scrabble. Jim pronounced the game historic - he drew a total of 4 consonants the entire game and that included two "dumps." Needless to say, he didn't win (Mary did). 

   Sunday morning we were up early and went to church for an 8:30a.m. choir rehearsal. It was a United Service for four churches, held at the Guilford Church. Quite a service with a big choir and two lively black gospel anthems with guest jazz pianist, 19-year-old Franz Robert, who was our organist in Dummerston for a couple of years a few years ago. A brilliant improv pianist.

After church we took Jim and Mary to Walkers, our local garden/farm/nursery store. Spectacular Memorial Day Weekend displays of plants, trees and shrubs. 

                          Walker Farm display

                          A Walker Farm blossom

Speaking of spectacular, our own rhodedendron is quite something right now too, and a clump of rhubarb has "gone to seed" and is putting out a blossom that is spectacular in its own way. 

               Our rhododendron bush 


Memorial Day weekend included a visit to Betsey's and Shirley's graves. The pot of pansies on Betsey's grave were very happy in the light rain. Shirley's little garden was between the narcissus in late blooming mode, and iris just about to burst forth.

                 Betsey's grave on Memorial Day

                             The two together

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