Wednesday, May 17, 2017

River Singers weekend

This past weekend was pretty packed with singing. We had a River Singers concert in Grafton, VT in the "White Church" which began with a full run-through at 3:00p.m., followed by pot-luck supper at 5:30 and a concert at 7:00. It was a good concert - a very full house, live hall acoustically, spirit-filled singing. Both our guest conductor from Berea, KY, Dr. Kathy Bullock, and our regular leader, Mary Cay Brass, were in top form. There was a lot of energy and an enthusiastic response from the audience. It was a lot of time on my feet for me, still dealing with some knee discomfort, but I survived and it was fun. Then I did it all again on Sunday! Mary Cay's Greenfield Harmony group needed basses for their concert - 2-3 were sick and they don't have as many as River SIngers does to begin with. So three of us RS basses went down to Hadley, MA for the same schedule - 3-9pm. The venue was the Wesley Methodist Church, a new building and quite striking. We still got to church Sunday morning, In Guilford, and sang in the choir there. We also fit it a Mother's Day brunch at the Grange before going down to Massachusetts!

The Grafton "White Church"

River Singers rehearsing with Mary Cay leading and Andy Davis at piano
Dr. Kathy Bullock
Greenfield Harmony rehearsing in the Wesley Methodist Church

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