Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Music, music, music!

We are in an intense period of singing. We have two concert weekends coming up in a row, the 13th and the 20th. We had a sectional for basses and altos last Monday (so we both went); River Singers last night, concert choir tonight. Tomorrow night we could have a Hallowell sing, but we have opted out. Saturday there is a two-hour rehearsal in the morning, but we 'll be in  Connecticut for a memorial service for my son-in-law's sister, Nancy Shea. But next week we will have rehearsals Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,  a sing Friday and a concert Saturday; then the next week, rehearsals Wednesday and Thursday, and concerts Sarurday and Sunday! Plus church choirs on Sundays. That's a lot of singing! I hope my 84-year-old vocal cords hold up! And I'm not going to fall off any risers! In fact I think I will refuse to get up on a riser. We'll see. 

Today I was discharged from physical therapy. I had a series of tests for balance, and I scored "perfect," which I think means I got the highest score for my age, not that I have perfect balance. But I could stand on one foot and repeatedly throw a ball at a trampoline and catch the rebound. I could not have done that when I first started PT. 

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