Friday, May 12, 2017

Antioch university award

Late this afternoon we were at Antioch University in Keene, NH for an award ceremony. Mary Cay Brass, our River Singers director, received an award. Several Antioch students from Africa have been in River Singers, and have felt very supported. After she received the award, we sang in the lobby. A lovely occasion!

                            Our audience in the lobby

                             Gathering to sing

              Mary Cay speaking after the award

But that was just part of the day. Earlier, I struggled with a cell phone gone crazy. Mail crashed, as did Blogger and Facebook. Then before Antioch, 4 of us went to Westwood Nursing Home and sang hymns for Bill Maravell, a. 90-year-old member of the Dummerston Church. Our singing touched at least two others there as well. After Antioch we came back to a concert with Le Bruit Court dans la Ville, a Quebec-based traditional music group, in West Brattleboro.  Great concert!

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