Thursday, March 30, 2017


My bruised knee is slowly getting better. Emphasis on slowly. It has been 11 days now since I fell and while my knee still gets sore and stiff after activity, it isn't quite as bad. I went to PT yesterday, and performed better than I expected. This morning I went to "Bone Builders" at the Dummerston Church and did ok. So I guess I just need to be patient.

On the basketball front, UNC defeated both Butler and Kentucky and have made it into the Final Four. They won the game against Kentucky in the last second with a basket by Luke Maye, a player "off the bench." He will now be a hero forever in TarHeels lore. There was some poetic justice in that win because last year, they lost the championship game to Villanova in the last second. But they have to get past Oregon, a very good team, to get into the championship game this year. The game with Oregon is Saturday night. It should be an exciting one. We plan to go to Katie and Savanna's. 

BUT, between now and then, we're supposed to get a big snow storm!  Tomorrow. That may affect a Let Justice Roll concert tomorrow night at the Guilford Church. We'll see. We are ready for spring, but again, we'll have to be patient. Today is bright and sunny, but not balmy. It is still very snowy up here on the north side of Black Mountain. 

The view out our back door. It's still snowshoe conditions up here, and we are getting more! 

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