Thursday, March 23, 2017


I took another tumble, this time falling forward going up stairs-caught my toe. Right knee is swollen, sore and stiff - the curse of the 3  "s's" !! But I'm getting around ok. I just led choir rehearsal in Dummerston and enjoyed it. I went to the pool today and have a physical therapy date in the pool tomorrow. Once again, I seem to have fallen without serious injury. This was a case of a brief moment of inattention. Not a balance issue but a issue of mindfulness. As my mother-in-law used to say,  "Growing old is hell." It isn't all hell but part is. Ah well! 

For two days we streamed the Gorsuch hearings. We ate up all our data on the phone plan, but it was fascinating. I was particularly impressed with Senators Klobuchar, Whitehouse and Franken. Not so much with our own Vermont senator, Leahy, tho he was ok. Gorsuch himself was extremely skilled in evading his positions on things, all in the name of being an independent jurist. It was impossible to know whether he might prove to be like Justice Souter and side at least now and then with the "liberal" wing of the court, or whether he would turn out to be a doctrinaire conservative like Scalia was. I don't blame the Democrats for being worried, but it's hard to imagine a Trump nominee I would like better, so I have mixed feelings about a planned filibuster. 

Tomorrow after my therapy session, we're going to Northampton where Ellen will cook with Mimi - I hear that macaroons are in the offing - and then to K&S's where I will watch the UNC/Butler game. Butler has beaten UNC several times in the past - 3 out of 5 I think - so it will be a challenge for them. If they bring their best game, they have a chance. 

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