Sunday, March 5, 2017

We are home!

We arrived home tonight and it is COLD! It is in the teens right now but earlier it was in single digits. The fire in the woodstove is struggling to warm the walls, which leaves little warmth for us. But we are fairly cozy under blankets and with a heating pad under my feet. I think it will be a bit warmer outside tomorrow, but it will take a while to get the inside walls, floors and furniture warm again.

We arrived at Katie and Savanna's last evening at about 7:30p.m. Just in time to have a little apple crisp and watch the UNC / Duke game. It lived up to the hype - the lead see-sawed back and forth most of the game. The 'Heels pulled ahead in the final minutes and won 90-83. A very satisfying end to the regular season. Betsey would be happy! 

We went to church at First Church, Amherst, this morning, ate at their community meal and then I went to the Smith College Library while Ellen went to the movies with her friend, Alia, who had been at church. They saw United Kingdom, which they liked very much. I was looking up books about Holmes Rolston, III, an environmental ethicist. Very interesting ! 

Here at home, I got the home fires burning while Ellen grocery-shopped. 

Then we did the "Spelling Bee" puzzle from the Sunday NY Times.  (How many words of at least five letters can you form from the letters C+XAITOM (every word must include "C" and you can use letters more than once in a word). One word uses all the letters, and is worth 3 points. Otherwise, one word = one point. We both got the 3-point word. I got 11 points; Ellen got 16, which makes her a "genius." I'm "excellent." Nothing new there, I guess.

Now we just have to get warm and back into the routine here at home. 

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