Thursday, March 2, 2017

Happy Birthday to me!

We made it safely to Bartlett! We actually had a fine trip after the initial snowy Togwotee Pass. Roads were clear and dry. We came Route U.S. 20 all the way.  We stayed in Riverton, WY the first night, at the Paintbrush Motel, a very nice family-owned motel. We were in Valentine, NE the second night, and Galena, IL the 3rd night. We arrived Bartlett this afternoon at 2pm, and M&J put on a little birthday party for me and we were joined by Daniel and Becky. Very nice.  Thank you everyone! We're at M&J's tonight, and on the road to VT tomorrow.

         Birthday party, Dan and Ellen (Maggie & Becky backs to camera)

                                 Jerry. Maggie, Becky, Dan

                                Birthday cake!!

The trip back, we came by Fort Robinson again. Coming out we had stopped and walked - there was no snow and 65 degrees. Coming back on Tuesday, it was snowy and 32 degrees. 

 Fort Robinson, photo at about same spot as earlier blog, but different conditions. 

Yesterday, we did something we haven't done for a long time - we stopped at a RoadFood restaurant, this one the Tastee Inn and Out in Sioux City, IA. Famous for loosemeat sandwiches and fried onions. It was not great food,  but the graphics were sort of classic:

                       Tastee Inn and Out Drive-in restaurant 

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