Sunday, April 9, 2017

Gradually, the snow is melting

We have had a week of warm weather and a lot of rain, but we still have a lot of snow. Compare this photo with my last posting:

                     The view out our back door today

It's supposed to get into the 70's and even the 80's this week. That should melt some snow!

We celebrated Palm Sunday this morning in Dummerston. I led the choir - they were good! But my knee is still sore enough that being on my feet quite a bit for over two hours left me feeling pretty wiped out, so I opted to stay home this afternoon while Ellen went to a pysanky session at Robin Davis'. 

So, what has the past week been like? I went to see Dr. Morrison Friday about my knee. He aspirated it to see if there was any infection - none. So it's just a bad bruise that will take time to heal. My last PT session I performed better on various balance and strength exercises. That's good. 

We had a lot of music in the week. We had River Singers on Tuesday. Concert Choir on Wednesday. A Dummerston choir rehearsal on Thursday. Then on Saturday morning, Peter Amidon had asked me to lead a rehearsal of an ecumenical choir for music at a Good Friday service - he had to be in Nebraska! So I did. We covered 8 anthems in 1 1/2 hours!  That was possible because (1) they were familiar to some; (2) we started in each case by singing along with a recording; (3) they weren't that difficult. Then later on Saturday we joined three others in a Hallowell sing in West Dover, a very sweet 90-year-old woman who had been one of 18 children! The youngest girl. She is the last fruit on the vine.   

And of course, on Monday, we had our Osher lectures on "race" in the morning and "conflict" in the afternoon. Both very interesting. Tomorrow, however, is Passover, and we will celebrate the Seder  with the Feinlands. 

Hanging over everything, of course, are ominous events growing out of decisions by the President. It is a worrisome time. Hug your loved ones! 

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