Sunday, March 19, 2017

Another nice day for a walk

Today we went to church in Rockland at the UU church. We actually sang in the choir, whose director had the lovely name of Sojourner. The two pieces we sang were unfamiliar but not difficult. Their regular minister is on sabbatical, so the preacher was a guest. She talked about "balance," and started the sermon with a video of a young man balancing rocks in a stream. He had an uncanny knack for it. It made a very effective opening. The name of Jesus was not mentioned in the service, and scarcely that of God. But the people were very friendly and welcoming.

This afternoon, Jim and Mary invited four people over to help them make 600 buttons! Yes. Mary volunteered to make buttons for the 27th Annual Downeast dance Festival coming up on March 24-25. It is very easy to do with a button machine. They've borrowed two. 

      Making buttons

      The button machine

       Ellen takes her turn

Meanwhile, I took a walk, to the same place - Crescent Beach - this time by myself. A bit breezier, a bit chillier, slightly  overcast, but still lovely. This time I counted paces - something I often do. Round-trip from house to beach was about 4200 paces. If my pace is 3 feet, that's 12,600 feet, which works out to 2 miles and a third or so. My pace may be slightly under 3 feet. Certainly two miles at least. 

      Crescent Beach today

  An ornamental mail box near the beach 

          Mailbox  - Close up

          Jim and Mary's house

     The ocean near their house. The snow is not plowed out down to the little cottage, so I decided not to risk walking down to the beach. 

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