Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Malawi and Water

The second session in the OLLI program was held Monday. Tom Toleno continued his presentation on Malawi, focusing this time on the educational system. He was involved in the teaching of high school teachers at Mzuzu University. One thing he discovered in Malawi is that there was a tradition of educating people in one skill for life, and he tried to introduce the idea of a diversity of skills that would allow people to have more than one career option during their lives. He had at least some success in this.

The afternoon Water session was taught by David Deen, who is a legislator in the Vermont Senate and has a decades-long commitment to water quality. His presentation emphasized both federal and state legislation which affects water rights and water quality, including the recently passed Clean Water Act in Vermont (H. 35).

One of David Deen's power point slides

We took our usual noon-time walk, this time enjoying the spectacular color!

                       Glabach Sugar House in full fall glory

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