Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hallowell sing

Yesterday I finally made my re-entry into Hallowell as a singer - I hadn't gone on a sing since last June. This one was quite interesting and varied: we went to the hospital in Keene - the Cheshire Medical Center - where they were celebrating the Healing and the Arts. The chaplain at the hospital had arranged for us to sing, and we sang a set in the lobby, another in the cafeteria, yet another in the oncology chemo unit, and a final one in the Farnsworth Rehab unit. The one in the chemo unit touched me especially because Betsey had had her first infusion of Avastin last Thursday in a place which I'm sure was very like the place we were singing, and there were women there her age receiving their infusions. So I sang for Betsey. 

         Hallowell walking through the corridors at Cheshire Med  Center. 

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