Friday, October 23, 2015

Family time

We got up very early this morning so that we could be at Tamar's school (Hilltown Charter School) to see her in a show that had many acts - acrobatics, singing, skits, violin, piano, etc. We got there just as the classes were filing into the auditorium. We watched the whole show, but no Tamar! We saw her briefly afterward and learned that somehow her skit didn't make it into the show because of some technicality. She was not a happy girl! But we got to see her school in action!

      The kids filing in

         A student violinist

        Tamar filing out. 

Afterward we went to the Haymarket coffee shop for a latte and scones. Nice ! 

Haymarket display of baked goods

They do patterns on lattes at Haymarket

Ellen also went to Webs Yarn Shop in Northhampton and a fabric store in Greenfield. Then we came home to get ready for the arrival of Katie, Savanna and Brendon. Ellen had earlier gotten a basket of heirloom apples at Scott Farm. They are beautiful in their colors. 

This evening we went out to Chelsea Diner for supper. Great food! Now it's time for Brendon to go to bed.

          Beautiful heirloom apples!

         Time for bed, Brendon !

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