Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hard rain's gonna fall

It's raining pretty hard this evening and it looks like overnight it will rain even harder. This will bring down a lot of leaves and bring an end to our extended foliage season.

Earlier this evening we had a Concert Choir rehearsal. Very nice. The basses have some particularly beautiful passages in a couple of pieces we are doing.

Today I worked inside. I'm preaching this coming weekend in Guilford, and I had to get my information into the secretary today for the bulletin, which means choosing hymns, scripture readings, etc. It's All Saints Day, so that pretty well established the theme. There is more involved in putting together a service than you might imagine. I also started thinking about my sermon. When there is a clear theme like "saints," I often start with a word study, using a Concordance to the Bible, which is an absolutely indispensable tool for biblical study. It can be very interesting (believe it or not!) Here's a section from the concordance on "saints."

     Some occurances of the word "saints" in the Bible. The full entry fills a couple of columns. If you look up each occurance, read the context and reflect on it, you get a sense of the diversity of meanings and connotations a single word can have, as well as getting a feel for what the core meaning is. 

Yesterday I brought in more wood, but I didn't feel all that great, so the exertion of sawing and pulling the cart sort of wore me out. We had a River Singers rehearsal last evening. Ellen had an alto sectional on Monday, so she had three consecutive evenings of singing! 

We thought this Roz Chast cartoon in the New Yorker was perfect for the market we shopped at in Boulder, where you get  the feeling that even the check-out clerks have advanced degrees! 

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