Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Good grief!

Yikes! I stayed up until 2am last night watching a fascinating documentary on the history of Latinos in American culture which was on PBS, then had trouble getting to sleep (not surprisingly), then slept until almost noon! Made for a weird day! I did accomplish something - I selected music for the Dummerston choir for Oct. 25th, arranged our rehearsal place for Thursday, and got an email out to the choir. I also got almost all the dry wood moved to make room for a delivery of two green cords tomorrow - which will be for next fall. And of course tonight was River Singers rehearsal. We went early to have soup at the church where we rehearse - a little fundraiser for the church - and that was very nice. It's a chance to visit with friends we only see at rehearsals (usually). I had every intention of taking some photos but I forgot. That's getting more and more common, I'm afraid. 

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