Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Snow Day!

DAY NINETEEN: Today, Wednesday, we once again took Max to Camp Jackson. It was a cold and wet day, not a day for hiking at all, so after dropping Max off we walked to the Great Harvest Bakery for a coffee and muffin for me, and a latte and scone for Ellen. That is always a very pleasant thing to do. Then we drove to Paul's worksite, which is in Teton Village, a 15- 20 minute drive from Jackson. We went there back in March (go to the blog for March 28, 2014 "Paul's Current work site") and were interested to see the progress. The most visible progress was the addition of some siding on the outside - weathered barn board. The theme for the whole house is sort of "grey." It will be very handsome. Inside, a lot had been done, but not much visible to the casual eye - things like wiring, plumbing, windows, insulation. It continues to be a very challenging and often frustrating job. Today, it was lack of detailed plans from the architect for the showers that was holding things up. Sub-contractors come, can't do what they are supposed to do, go on to another job, and then it's hard to get them back, and that screws up the whole schedule. Or another thing is that the interior stairs are metal and being fabricated in Idaho. The architect's plans say the metal is supposed to be "blackened" but no one is able to tell Paul what that means. With what? How? What shade of black? Also, the contractor building the stairs has never actually come on site to measure the space. He's going on measurements given him by Paul. Will the stairs actually fit? But this is the daily bread of a site manager. It's exhausting.

The OSM site poster for Paul's current job
Paul's office in a trailer
Exterior barn board siding
Entry - the "blackened" stairs will go where the ladder is.
We left Paul to his work and decided to go to Victor, ID to the Emporium so Ellen could get one of their world-famous Huckleberry Shakes. You have to go over Teton Pass to get to Victor, and sure enough, the temp dropped to 29 degrees and we hit a heavy snow squall!  June in Wyoming! The road was fine, but it was wild.

Snow squall

Snowy sticky geranium
The Emporium in Victor, ID
From Victor we took the road down to Swan Valley and came back to Alpine on Route 26.  Partly a new road for me - and despite what became a fairly steady rain, it was beautiful.

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