Sunday, June 29, 2014

Idaho Falls Trip

DAY THIRTY: Wow, we've been away from home for thirty days!  Friday was the last day of Max's soccer camp. It was a rainy morning, but it was sort of off and on. It rained hard enough for a spell that everyone had to go under a pavilion for  a while, but mostly they were on the field. Toward the end Coach Chris called his group around him and handed out "report cards."

Coach Chris and his group, including Max
The camp ended very suddenly when just before noon, the heavens opened and the rain came in buckets mixed with hail. You never saw a group disperse so fast! I felt sorry for the staff because I think some final words never got said.

Saturday we made a trip to Idaho Falls to pick up Jenny's new Subaru!  Paul stayed home to do some work spreading gravel and stone, so Jenny, Max, Ellen and I went over to Idaho Falls in our car and we went right to the Subaru agency. We watched Serena Williams lose to Alize Cornet on the TV there and Max played with some very nice toys they had, while Jenny did the paperwork for her car.

The new Subaru Forester
Then we headed for the Zoo at Tautphaus Park in Idaho Falls We had been there before with Max - June, 2011. It's a very nice little zoo, arranged by regions of the world.

Max looks over the map of the zoo
 Max wanted to see the flamingos first.

Pink flamingos
We saw a lot of beautiful creatures, including a very colorful parrot (or was it a macaw?) and a tiger.

After the zoo, Jenny and Max did some shopping and Ellen and I looked around Idaho Falls a little bit - including the amazing Mormon Temple there:

Mormon Temple
Saturday evening we watched the Brazil/Chile World Cup game - which ended in penalty shots, which is never the way you want a game to end.

Sunday has dawned bright and clear. We're having a leisurely morning.

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