Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Another nice day

DAY TWENTY-SIX:  We took Max to Soccer Camp again today. I stayed and watched for a while. Today was "Wacky Wednesday" at the soccer camp so the coaches were dressed outrageously, as well as some kids, and there was a lot of clowning around. Then I left Ellen there while I went to one of my favorite stores in Thayne, The Paper Shop. There I was able to make a print of the photo of Max playing soccer, to frame for Paul and Jenny because they both liked it a lot. Then after watching the soccer again for a while, I checked out the Thayne Public Library, which is located in the school building next to the field where British Soccer was taking place.  We had lunch at Tootsies, a pizza place in Thayne - which was very busy.  The pizza was good! Then we came home.

Wacky Wednesday at British Soccer!
The rest of the day, we've hung out at home, I've been reading. Ellen fixed a nice supper (I grilled the meat and cleaned up the kitchen). We just had our daily evening walk - a 2-mile+ loop - which gives us this lovely scene:

Looking south on our evening walk
Tomorrow is the BIG GAME - U.S./Portugal - in the World Cup. It starts at 10am, so we'll have to figure out how to see it and also get Max to soccer.

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