Friday, June 13, 2014


DAY FOURTEEN: Last night a spectacular thunder storm moved over us with very dramatic lightning. Christian Petrach, visiting us from Boise, ID, saw a lightning strike on the ridge across the way, to the west, in front of the house, which hit a tree and he saw the tree glow. Later in the evening we saw fire and smoke. Now today, it has become a pretty big forest fire. Helicopters are dropping water, but the wind came up this afternoon and really whipped it up - it looks out of control at the moment. All of this is going on right before our eyes as we stand on the front porch, and with binoculars you can see huge plumes of flame as trees explode. I don't think we are in danger - there is a river between us and the fire, which may actually be in Idaho - it is hard to gauge distance - but it is a pretty dramatic show.

The storm last evening

The fire today

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