Saturday, June 7, 2014

More relaxed

DAY EIGHT: Well, we've been here at Paul and Jenny's for two days now - we arrived Thursday evening at suppertime and now it's Saturday evening after supper. It has been a much more restful time than the trip out with all its adventures. I have walked about six miles in the neighborhood, we've had good meals, we've spent time with Max, talked with Paul and Jenny, I did a little work today cleaning out weeds from the cracks in the rear patio, done some work on my Tolles MS project (indexing the letters we copied at the Knopf Archive in Austin earlier this year), talked with Betsey on the phone - things like that. Betsey sent a link to a "tiny house" site called Tumbleweed which is really interesting. I've downloaded some of their free layouts. Check it out at   I think the United Church of Star Valley meets now at 4:30pm on Sunday because a Jackson pastor comes down to conduct the service - they are without a regular minister. We'll probably go. Max likes the playroom. 

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