Saturday, July 6, 2013

Trip to Jackson

DAY THIRTEEN: Last evening (July 4th) we had a cookout on the deck which climaxed in a little birthday celebration for Ellen. Christian Petrack had joined us from Boise, Idaho, in his Sprinter Van Camper, along with his two dogs, Ella and Fritz, and he had brought a chocolate cake and some gifts for Ellen and others. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures , but it was very lovely.

TODAY (Friday, July 5th) we were originally planning to visit Paul's work site but the owners of the house that is being built there were also going to be there, and it didn't seem like a good time to have a bunch of people trouping through. So instead we went to the Alpine Slide in Jackson which is located at Snow King ski area. Actually, the first part of our time in Jackson, the kids and some adults went to a playground near the slide, and 4 adults - Julie, Ellen, Christian (with dogs) and myself - went for a short hike up the Cache Creek trail. This is a hike Ellen used to take regularly when she lived in Jackson. Then Jerry went shopping for hiking shoes, along with Christian, and the rest of us hung out at the slide. I got some shots of folks going up the lift, but my attempt to take videos of them coming down on the sleds didn't some out too well. It was almost impossible to see what I was doing on the camara screen in the bright sunlight. All of that took up most of the afternoon and we came back to a lovely meal which Jenny (who had to work today) had lovingly prepared at the house. It was a somewhat tumultuous evening as a storm system passed through with heavy winds that drove out the heat and humidity, so we ate inside.  It was much better sleeping weather as a result.

Cache Creek hikers

Paul & Max on the lift to the slide

Mimi on the lift

Ben and Tamar on the lift

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