Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ducks and Discovery

DAY EIGHTEEN: Today we're in Boise, ID - we got in yesterday evening. We ate supper at the Mongolian BBQ restaurant - the type of place where you go through a buffet and fill a bowl with your choice of all kinds of veggies, and meats too if you wish, plus noodles, and then they stir fry it on a very hot griddle with sauces of your choosing. It was good!  Then we walked downtown and found a yogurt place - again a self-serve place with at least fifteen flavors of yogurt and all kinds of toppings. Yum!

Today we went down to the park area in downtown Boise where there is a lagoon, lots of geese and ducks, paddle boats, and a fabulous science discovery place with hundreds of hands-on stations where you do something that demonstrates a scientific principle. E.g., you could make all kinds of paper apparatuses out of cups and tissues and see how they behaved in an air tunnel. You could make an animated movie. You could sit in front of a huge "dish"and talk quietly to someone 100 feet away at the opposite end of the room who was sitting in front of a similar dish (aimed back at the first dish). You could create designs on paper with randomly moving styluses. It was fascinating. We could have spent 2 days in there, no problem. We spent about 3 hours and learned a lot.

We did rent a paddle boat for 1/2 hour and went out into the lagoon. We got up close to a lot of ducks. As Miriam said, "This is very pleasant."

We went out in a paddle boat like the one you see

A friendly duck

One of many rooms in the Discovery Center

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