Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More Food

Christian took us to an old-fashioned ice cream parlor, Goody's Soda Fountain which is in the north end of Boise in the charming neighborhood of Hyde Park. It had all kinds of ice cream treats, and outdoor seating. Mimi found a toy shop next door where she bought a kite. All very pleasant.

Goody's Soda Fountain

Outdoor patio

In Salem, OR, we always mix having meals with our friends, Bonnie and Roger Hull and J.E. Seibert, and going out. Both the Hulls and J.E. have back yard decks which make for very nice al fresco dining. Our favorite going out place is now the Minto Island Growers Food Cart where they have fabulous salads and pizzas. It is also an organic vegetable farm. You eat outdoors under a tent. It's great.

Bonnie's table beckons

Dining on J.E.'s deck

Minto Island Farms

Step up and place your order!
I mentioned in an earlier blog that we stopped at the Otis Cafe in Otis OR., another favorite stop. But did I mention the fabulous brown molasses bread? We bought a loaf and it made great cheese and bread sandwiches out of the box for the next several days.

That wonderful brown molasses bread!

In Everett, WA, when we visited Ryan and Alicia, we ate at the Vintage Cafe. One of my all-time favorite salads is a Cobb Salad, and I had not yet had one on this trip. So I ordered one at the Vintage, and Ryan obligingly took a photo of it. It was great!

Vintage Cafe in Everett, WA

A delicious Cobb Salad!
While we were eating, Mimi drew a portrait of everyone around the table on her napkin!

Clockwise:  Mimi at the bottom (drawing), Alicia, Ellen, Ryan and me.
In Sedro-Woolley, WA, we ate supper at the Mestizo Mexican Family Restaurant. It was ok - it was a family run place and it had an authentic feel to it. We would have eaten at the Hometown Cafe, down the street, but it closed just as we approached the door (it was 8pm).  But we had breakfast there the next morning and it was good. I probably had my usual  - two eggs over easy, home fries, wheat toast, sausage and decaf. Ellen had biscuits and gravy. I forget what Mimi had but she usually ate a good breakfast.

We made a breakfast stop in Livingston, MT after sleeping at the Ranch House Motel in Bozeman. We found a nice place, the Montana Cup Coffee Shop where they had delicious breakfast sandwiches made of homemade bagels and filled with spinach and feta cheese. Really good. Livingston looked like an attractive town.

Montana Cup interior  . . .

 . . . and exterior
I'll close with one of our favorite places: The Roosevelt Lodge Dining Room. We ate there after our wonderful evening seeing wildlife in the Lamar Valley. We were impressed with the menu which is trying to meet just about every dietary preference - vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc. Good for them. The waiters and waitresses are young people from all over the word working at the Lodge - they wear name tags identifying their home country or state, inviting inquiries and conversation.

Roosevelt Lodge Dining Room . . .
. . . and the exterior
Of course, we have had many wonderful meals at Alpine, at Paul & Jenny's home, prepared by Jenny or Ellen. This week, we've been joined sometimes by Jenny's parents, Gene and Claire Elmore, who are visiting from Houston. I'll try to add some photos on that later.

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