Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday fun

DAY FIFTEEN: Another beautiful sunny day, but not too hot, low humidity. Some of us played croquet on the lawn while Paul took whoever wanted to go out on a rented ATV. So Miriam got a ride, Max got a ride, but then when Ben went out with Paul, they got about 5 miles up the road and the ATV broke down. In an age before cell phones, they would have had a long walk back to the house! But Paul called Jenny and she went and picked them up. The ATV rental guy was fair - he gave them half price. Ellen won twice in croquet, I won once. We bent the rules for the youngers. This afternoon some are watching Wimbledon, which Paul taped. Right now, Ben, Jerry and I are all sitting in the living room working on our computers. Very companionable. A nice Sunday. The Feinlands will leave tomorrow, except for Mimi. Tuesday, She will go with Ellen and me on a long trip to ID, OR, WA and back.

Champion Ellen swings!

Father/son ATV fun!
LATER: The Feinlands had a water fight!  Great fun!

Great spot for a water fight!
Take that!

No mercy for innocent bystanders!
Then, at the end of the day, we were treated first to a storm, then to a spectacular sunset AND a rainbow!

What a day!!

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