Thursday, July 4, 2013

Swift Creek hike

DAY TWELVE:  (July 4th! Happy Fourth!): The Feinland family arrived at about 11pm last evening. They had left home at 6:30am, and it was about 1am for them when they got here. They had flown into Denver, rented a car and driven ten hours to Alpine! The children were in amazingly good condition, considering. And they were up bright and early this morning! So after everyone got some breakfast we drove to Afton, WY, about 25 miles south of Alpine, to take a short hike up the Swift Creek Canyon. Swift Creek is a rare Periodic Spring - i.e., the flow of water is periodically interrupted by natural geological phenomena underground. This was not obvious today because it is early in the summer and there is a heavy water flow from various sources. But later, if you go to the spot where the stream emerges from the wall of the canyon, you can see the flow of water stop completely, and then about 20 minutes later, start up again. The hike is short enough that even the younger children - Max and Tamar - could handle it, and us "oldsters" too. The stream was wonderfully full and rushing, and there were wildflowers too. There is also a small hydroelectric generating station on Swift Creek farther downstream which provides power to Afton. This evening we're having a cookout.

Swift Creek Canyon.
Our family on the trail - minus Ellen and myself

Sunflower(?) alongside trail

Sticky geranium (pink) and Richardson's geranium (white)

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